Compare Acalog, Smart Catalog, and Clean Catalog Course Catalog Software

If you're shopping for course catalog software for your college or university, these are probably the three options you're looking into. Here's a breakdown of the features they offer.

Disclaimer: This page is brought to you by Clean Catalog, so it is biased — but we still think it does a good job of laying out the strengths and weaknesses of course catalog software providers .

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Course Catalog Software Features



Smart Catalog

Clean Catalog

Responsive Design for Phones, Tablets, and Screens of All Sizes X X
Support for Degrees, Courses, Text Pages X X X
WCAG 2.0 AA Accessibility Compliance Out of the Box X X
Manage Multiple Catalogs Through the Same System — Graduate, Undergraduate, and More X
Integration with Student Information Systems/Websites X X X
Workflows and Editorial Management X X X
Fully Customizable Design X
No startup fee X
Page load times under one second X
SSL/HTTPS Security by Default on All Catalogs X
Automated PDF Generation of Every Page and Entire Catalog X